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NTSE Sample Papers: Guiding your efforts

// April 22nd, 2013 // No Comments » // NTSE

The higher the dreams, the more the efforts you require to translated them into reality. National Talent Search Examination briefly known as NTSE is one the toughest examinations of the country and not everybody dare to dream about it. If you are preparing to take the examination of NTSE, mind you that you are quite courageous and certainly far different from others. But again, as it is a herculean task, you need to prepare for it meticulously. Before you know what to study, it is important to know what not to study. The best way to direct your efforts is to be familiar with the question patterns and NTSE sample papers in this regards can be one of the best options.

Mind you that 2013 onwards the examination is aimed at the students of standard 10th and not standard 8th as was in the previous years. So the syllabus will be slightly different and include the higher problems. So it is of utmost importance that you get yourself well acquainted with the syllabus and the question paper pattern so that you make use your efforts in the right direction.

NTSE, a two-stage examination has the similar pattern in both the stages. The first stage of examination is conducted at the state or union territory level and the final stage at the National level. Unless you are selected in the state level examination, you are not eligible to appear in the final examination. Due to the low percentage of selection, the exam becomes more difficult and competitive. So it is highly important that you familiar yourself through the NTSE sample papers and harvest the best benefits.

Math Olympiad: In Search of Queen of Pearls

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Are you still in deep and prolonged slumber waiting for the day to dawn? Never, never you ever do that. Maths Olympiad has already dawned far before you punctuated your slumber. So waste not your time and get to gear yourself for the consummate preparation.  Being a competition categorizing itself in the list of the internationally prestigious ones, it is never going to be an easy task. After all you are aiming at something that not everyone can think of.

To boost, guide, nurture and finally to direct your mathematical talent for the overall good of yourself and the world at larger perspective, National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) has carved a way that you need to undergo. You cannot jump and reach the highest without undergoing the previous stages. Each and every stage weighs equal in importance. Unless and until the regional and national levels are qualified, you cannot dream of having an international exposure and hence each and every stage must be equally valued. The question papers will be identical in both regional and national level. But in a big country like India, if only 30-35 candidates get merit certificate at the national level, you can imagine the degree of difficulties it encompasses.

But again competition is competition. Without hard work in right direction with perpetual practice and perseverance, nothing can be achieved. Competitions instill confidence and courage in us and therefore it should be undertaken with high spirit. Huge participation and scanty selection can make anyone realize that it is somewhat like searching the queen of pearls in the wilderness of salamander in a little time.

NTSE 2013: Shaping Talents: A Take off Point of Talents

// March 7th, 2013 // No Comments » // NTSE

God has bestowed his blessings impartially on every living being. Everybody in this world is unique in its own way. Many cherish for what the Almighty has given them and some are aggrieved for not having given enough. It is not that the Divinity has not rendered enough but that often we fail to identify the Precious Gift and for many it is the lack of opportunities that proved hindrance in the way of the growth of the talents given by God. National Talent Search Examination briefly known as NTSE is an examination to search talents in the country and provide them firm platform to turn these talents into the gems contributing towards the common good of mankind. Talent unseen is the talent wasted and NTSE plays a vital role in making the talents visible and to guide them on the right path and harvest and enjoy the benefits of these talents. NTSE 2013 is soon to be held to extract the talents among Indian students.

NTSE is a talent search examination conducted for Indian students in India and abroad. It is conducted every year by National Council of Educational Research and Training briefly known as NCERT. The remarkable change in the NTSE 2013 is that unlike the earlier exams, it will be conducted for the students of standard 10th.

To get through the two difficult stages of examination is not every one’s cup of tea. It calls for firm determination and persistence hard work in the right direction.  The percentage of selection being very low, you need to compete to be at top on merit list and only this will bring your talent ahead of others in NTSE 2013.

A Quick Take on IIT-JEE Question Papers

// March 2nd, 2013 // 5 Comments » // IIT-JEE

Diamonds are found underneath the earth and one needs to excavate and unearth it. But it does not mean that one starts digging the earth without knowing where and how to do it. One needs the guidance of experts to know the location that can be targeted to be dug and the means like men and machines through which the excavation can be successfully executed and the desired results achieved. IIT-JEE Question Papers are like expert guides that can lead you towards your desired destination.

IIT-JEE is one of the toughest competitive examinations in the country. Nearly 1.5 lakh students from India and abroad compete to get admissions to the most prestigious IITs in India. Due to a very low percentage of selection, the candidates always strive to get ahead of others and this is what competition means. With the IIT-ians getting high salary packages in the reputed companies and organizations all over the world, intensity of competition to get admission in the top IITs in India has escalated to an unimaginable degree. ‘Hard work is the key to success’ you all know but hard work alone will not facilitate the desired result. Had it been so, the donkeys would have risen to a respectable position. Hard work obviously is the exigency of any success but along with hard work you need to have the appropriate strategy, focus and direction. In short you need to work smart rather than mere hard work. World is full of everything and you need to pick something that would be fit to the point of your interest and IIT-JEE question papers show you what you should pick from the piles of knowledge and information.

IIT-JEE question papers have two parts; each part consists of three sections namely-Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Both the question papers contain objective type of questions. You need to record the answers on the Optical Response Sheet (ORS). You will be given three hours for each part of the paper and thus you will have to undergo a total of six hours examination. Very often the common dissatisfaction observed among the candidates is the shortage of time. Time management is a crucial factor and that is why you need to be prepared in such a way that you complete the questions in a given time and the IIT-JEE Question Papers will help you draw the lines, limitations and direction to achieve the goal.