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How to Deal With Questions in Mathematics Olympiad!

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When you are going to attend the Mathematics Olympiad, then bear in mind that these kinds of competitive exams almost all the time have only objective kind of questions. Sometimes you may feel it easier but at times the question setter may also make it very difficult. In case you feel it easy then it can be so in 2 ways:

  • One when you are able to cross check your computed answer as to whether it is contained in the options; and
  • Second; when you can at times make a guess work with regard to the answer either to narrow down the possibilities or even get the correct answer.

When you look at the question you will find several variations which you can easily eliminate the wrong answers and arrive at the correct answer. Try to question yourself with regard to the answer and this will ultimately lead you to the right answer.

Hence bear in mind that however tough the question may be, you do have a trick up your sleeve to solve them. Some questions may have to be solved using certain concepts, but the majority of the questions can be easily solved using all the tips and tricks that you may have learnt. Everything depends on your ability to identify the mode of solving and then applying them.  Also once you get the correct answer you need to put the answer to the question once again and check whether the solution arrived by you is correct. This way it becomes easy to solve a tough paper like Mathematics Olympiad also.

How to crack Maths Olympiad ?

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The erstwhile NBHM (National Board of higher Mathematics) took the initiative to support the mathematical talent among high school student in the country. Hence the foundation of the Maths Olympiad was laid in the year 1986 by NBHM. Exhibiting immense courage and commitment NBHM took over the responsibility for selecting and training the Indian team for participation in the International Maths olympiad every year. NBHM coordinates and support maths Olympaid all over the country with the intension to pick the best talent from every nook and corner of the country. It has been divided in 16 regions.

OLYMPIAD RMO 2011 solutions round-2 (Held on 4th dec 2011)

OLYMPIAD RMO 2011 solutions round-1 (Held on 19th sept 2011) Chandigarh region

Get more Tricks & smart solution

Sample questions in the “Study Material”

Ques. Five points on a circle are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in clockwise order. A frog jumps in the clockwise order from one number to another as follows:
(a) If it is at odd number it moves one place.
(b) If it is at even number it moves two places.
If the frog is initially at 5, where it will be after 2010 jumps?          [RMO-2010 Chandigarh]

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How to Prepare and Succeed in Maths Olympiad Exam

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Maths Olympiad: This word fascinate the parents and students since from class 1st and up to class 12th due to some private  players working for capitals only (i.e. money), which is not true, numerous type of math’s Olympiad are available in market and in schools which are conducted either by coaching Institute  or by private book publishers. So we should be clear (Parents, students & teachers) that

What is the purpose to clear maths Olympiad: 

Normally student’s think they will get some scholarships or other financials benefits by clearing Math’s Olympiad, But things are not like this. By clearing Maths Olympiad or any other Olympiad. The main purpose fulfillment is to get or have recognition of the mind’s, knowledge and application skills on that particular subject.

Now for maths Olympiad and to get recognition on later stages of candidates like study abroad, campus Interviews etc. you should give and clear recognition Olympiads of Authentic bodies only.

In India Maths Olympiad is conducted and manage By NBHM (National Board of Higher Math’s) under the guidance & association with HBNRC

(Homi Bhabha nuclear reaction centre) with the coordination and help of state universities which are register with UGC.

Math’s Olympiad has Three stages :

Stage I :   RMO-I (Local levels) 100 Marks 3hr.

RMO-II (State levels) 100 Marks           3hr.

(Regional Maths Olympiad)

Stage-II : INMO (National Level)  100 Marks   3hr.

[Indian National Maths Olympiad, Usually controlled on 1st secondary of February]

Stage-III :  IMO (International Maths Olympiad)

What to prepare for RMO: –   To clear RMO three is not as such well defined syllabus. But Major of syllabus is main category of Mathematics.

1.            Geometry (Plane Geometry)

2.            Algebra (equations & Polynomials)

3.            Number Theory (Arithmetic sense like divisibility etc.)

4.            Logical reasoning (to check I.Q.)

5.            Permutation and combination.

(This is introduce to the students in +1 Math’s and important for all feature examination also)

6.            Functional equations. (Basic Level)

7.            Inequalities.

How to prepare for Maths Olympiad:

Student should start from preparing Geometry and must list all the area from book of NCERT of class  (7, 8, 9 ,10)th  and then start apply them on different set of problems available in these books, after doing this one should study NCERT exemplar to clear the basic fundamentals and polish application skills, for next level.

Same of others units of the syllabus, then one must move on to the next level of books like an excursion in mathematics by Modak and Katre, Pre-college Math’s by V. Krishnamurthy  these books will give you a strong hand on conceptual application of fundamentals & Theorems.

For help and support you can have online partners pioneer mathemaics after laying a foundation strong you must go through the previous year papers RMO, INMO, IMO to see the content and level of problems asked. Test yourself and your preparation level level wise by the Model/Sample test papers for math’s Olympiad

Here you come just see the trend analysis of last year papers of RMO of state level.

Time duration: This always depends upon student to student (as per this interpretational skills). Still 5-6 hr. preparation per week is good enough for consistently of 4-5 months to crack RMO-I, RMO-II.

Eligibility for RMO is +1/+2 class but 10th class or lower class student can also apply by the special redecoration of V.C of the co-ordination university.

“There is old saying” practice marks the man perfect, which is we think a many sentence, “only right practice marks you perfect”, because same times we practice of mistakes “ which becomes automatic and permanent forever for right practice you should have right track and material, support & guidance with you.

All the Best

Team Pioneer

KVS Chandigarh Region Mathematics Olympiad Paper Solutions

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KVS Chandigarh Region Mathematics Olympiad Paper Solutions

Prepration For round 2 cluster level of KVS Olympiad

What is KVS Mathematics Olympiad ?

The erstwhile RO(regional office) Chandigarh took the initiative to support the mathematical talent among high school student in the country in Association with Exhibiting immense courage and commitment RO Chandigarh In Association wih took over the responsibility for selecting and training the Indian team for participation in the RMO, INMO & IMO. Ro Chandigarh in association with coordinates and support maths Olympiad In Chandigarh Region with the intention to pick the best talent from every nook and corner of the country.