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NTSE: In search of Talent

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There are many kind of exams organized in India but NTSE is a bit different than others. This test was basically planned by the Human Resource Department of Government of India for the benefit of country as well as those who are really talented. Such successful candidates of this test are provided with financial assistance from Government of India as per the prevailing norms. The test is responsibility of Central Board of Education and it is divided into two parts. The first part is known as State Talent Search Examination while second part is known as National Talent Search Examination. The first part is responsibility of concerned state education boards. In this test the aspirants school is important and not the domicile status.

Any student who is in standard ten and is studying in school which is recognized by the state education board is eligible to appear in NTSE. No doubt he has to be recommended by concerned school also. The test is divided in two parts first part is known as SAT and second part is known as MAT. SAT stands for scholastic Aptitude Test while MAT stands for Mental Ability Test. In SAT there are total 100 questions asked which are of multi choice type. For every question four answers are given and as an aspirant you have to choose the correct one. In MAT, an aspirant has to choose four subjects from different eight subjects provided. From every chosen subject you are asked 25 questions. If you clear first test than second test is taken in same style and then you are called up for personal interview round.

NTSE: if you have talent then you can aim it

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The acronym NTSE stands for National Talent Search Exam which was founded by Ministry of Human Resource from Government of India. The aim of starting this test is to find out the talented students from across the nation and provide them with financial scholarship and other assistance from government. This test is divided in two phases as State Talent Search Exam and National Talent Search Exam. The first Phase of NTSE is complete responsibility of respective state as per the provided setup and arrangement. Every state has own quota of students for the second phase of the test. So in this test residence does not matter much for the candidate but schooling is important.

All the students who study in standard X in any school which is recognized by the concerned state education board are eligible to appear in this test. The exam is in the form of multiple choice questions where four options are provided to one question and out of all four aspirants has to choice the correct one. Successful candidates from First phase of NTSE enter in to second phase as per the available quota of the state. In second phase the level of competition and exam is tougher than first phase. The successful candidates of the second phase are called for round of personal interview which is taken by a panel. The candidates who pass the round of personal interview are provided with scholarship till their completion of PG course in respective field of their education.

How to Deal With Questions in Mathematics Olympiad!

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When you are going to attend the Mathematics Olympiad, then bear in mind that these kinds of competitive exams almost all the time have only objective kind of questions. Sometimes you may feel it easier but at times the question setter may also make it very difficult. In case you feel it easy then it can be so in 2 ways:

  • One when you are able to cross check your computed answer as to whether it is contained in the options; and
  • Second; when you can at times make a guess work with regard to the answer either to narrow down the possibilities or even get the correct answer.

When you look at the question you will find several variations which you can easily eliminate the wrong answers and arrive at the correct answer. Try to question yourself with regard to the answer and this will ultimately lead you to the right answer.

Hence bear in mind that however tough the question may be, you do have a trick up your sleeve to solve them. Some questions may have to be solved using certain concepts, but the majority of the questions can be easily solved using all the tips and tricks that you may have learnt. Everything depends on your ability to identify the mode of solving and then applying them.  Also once you get the correct answer you need to put the answer to the question once again and check whether the solution arrived by you is correct. This way it becomes easy to solve a tough paper like Mathematics Olympiad also.

NTSE Sample Paper: Talent hunt is on

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NTSE is considered as one of the prominent tests of India. It is set by Human Resource Ministry of Government of India to nurture talent, find those who are talented and help them in all possible ways to grow. NTSE stands for National Talent Search Exam and is divided in two phases one is at national level and second is at state level. The students who are studying in any school in standard X can appear in this test subject to condition that the school has to be recognized by concerned state education board. There is no specific syllabus for NTSE test and so to achieve the success in this test, solution of NTSE sample paper can be proved very useful.

This test is divided into two parts known as SAT and MAT. SAT stands for scholastic aptitude test while MAT stands for Mental Ability Test. In SAT there are 100 questions of multiple choice and aspirant has to encircle the true answer to the question from given four options. In MAT there are eight subjects out of which aspirant has to choose 4 subjects and from these 4 subjects 25 questions of each subject are asked. These subjects are Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Civics, Geography and Economics. You need to have command on the subjects you have chosen for this test. To crack it you can join coaching institute as well prepare yourself also as whatever you have learned that only is asked you. But to clear it, practice of NTSE sample paper can help you a lot.