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NDA: Shaping your elegance

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Have you ever been fascinated by the prestigious uniform of the Armed Forces, Navy or Air Force? Seeing the robust physique enveloped in elegant uniform you might have felt attracted towards building a career in the armed forces and thereby serve your nation. Not all are fit to be in the service of armed forces. One not only needs to have the formidable physique but also needs to have the mental sanity and spiritual wellness. Before you enter into the tough and respectable service of armed force you need to undergo rigorous physical and psychological training at National Defence Academy briefly known as NDA.

What should you do if you wish to undergo training at National Defence Academy? Are you eligible to enter into the academy? If you wish to join the service of Indian Armed Forces, Navy or Air force and serve as a junior leader you need to undergo training at the academy and to prove your eligibility you need to take the NDA Exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission of India. Written exam is followed by extensive interview covering general aptitude, psychological testing, and team skills as well as physical and social skills along with the medical examination.

So if you are interested in the serving in the Indian Armed Forces, Navy or Indian Air Force, you need to pass the NDA examination both written and interview test. You can plod through the eligibility criteria and syllabus and question papers of previous years to prepare for the NDA Exam and meet sure success.

How to prepare for NDA

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National Defense Academy 2012-13

The National Defense Academy is a joint Services Academy of the Indian Armed Forces. The applicant who wants to join NDA may apply for the entrance exam conducted by (UPSC) union public service commission for admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA

What is the difference between NDA, NA and CDS exam

Any 12th pass student can apply for National Defense Academy.

NA stands for Naval Academy. Only 12th Pass students with PCM can apply for NA.

CDS stands for Combined Defense Service. For CDS, you have to complete your Graduate degree course from a recognized University; Final year appearing candidates are also apply for CDS Examination

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How To Prepare for NDA Exam

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NDA/NA (National defense Academy /Naval Academy)
The young students who are going to clear or already cleared the 12th exams have a time to join armed force [As man in uniform is gentle man]. For the entry into Army, Air force, or Navy as an officers are has to clear the exams like
NDA   (during 12th class)
CDA (during final year of graduation).
These exams are conducted by UPSE (union Public Service commission of India).
The selection process for NDA
FOR NDA: The selection procedure has different stages.
Stage-I :Written examination (conducted twice a year in April & September)
Stage-II : Personality Test
(a) Interview
(b) Group discussion (GD)
(c) Group Tasks (GT).
Stage- III: Physical fitness (Medical checkups.)
Stage-I : Written exam : This exams has 2-papers
Paper- I Maths (120 questions and 150mins) with 300 marks.
Paper-II General Ability Test (150 questions and 150 mins) with 600 marks.
Paper-I (Mathematics) : This paper is bases on the mathematical aptitude of student based on class 9th , 10th ,11th , 12th .
Topics like:
(1) Plane Geometry, Ratio, Proportion, Mensuration, quadratic equations etc will come from 9th and 10th class syllabus.

(2) And total objective +1 and + 2 maths need to prepare with all the best possible objective sense i. e with the shortcuts and smart tricks.

Because its pattern is objective type having 4-options for each problem (And the best part of the paper is that it has no-negative marking) and student’s has to fill the bubble in answer sheet of the right option out of (a) (b) (c) (d).

How to prepare for Maths written exam :

One should be good enough in numerical ability (Calculation solving skills) For which Vedic mathematics is very helpful to enhance student’s mathematics solving skill,

Books :
(1) 9th , 10th , 11th  and 12th  NCERT Solutions are must for basic foundation, student should prepare all the properties and theorems in organised way by having their application & cracking hard nuts as well.

(2) Books By NCERT called Exampler is good enough and important to prepare for NDA-maths.

As these books consists of problems based on Hots (High order thinking skills), student’s get the advance and polish in their application skills by solving these problems.

(3) One objective Book also be done by NDA Aspirants and that too under times only, so that student can check their accuracy & speed under time constraints.

(An online support or partner like Pioneer Mathematics is also good because its application build to check & give analysis of your performance is helpful to know your weaker section and you can improve them timely).

To prepare for General ability test : This test consists of mainly
(1) Mental ability (verbal  + non-verbal)
(2) Current affairs (entrainment, politics, social + religious News an transition etc)
(3) History (Mugals, Indian freedom movements etc.
(4) Geography ( season, states, place, mountain, soil, agriculture etc)
(5) English (vocabulary, grammar, sentence completion, etc.)
(6) Economics,(GDP sensex, stocks, BPC etc)
In competition exams its very important to be an right syllabus track. Download detail syllabus for NDA, to prepare well and that too in limited time. one should know what to study and what to leave.

Preparation Material (Study Material)
(1) NCERT Books of history, economics, geography of class 8th , 9th , 10th  & (11th , 12th ) also.
(2) Learn 5-8 words daily.
(3) The most important material in your preparation is News paper, one should real daily 1/2 hr – 1hr the newspaper as this single source can fulfill your most of requirements like Current affairs, politics, etc, and through proper editorial readings students analytical and vocabulary will enhance collectively

Trend analysis of NDA papers
Stage-II :
Once students written exam is clear, they will get a call (written invitation) fees SSB (Service Selective Board) Like for Bhopal, Allahabad, Bangalore  etc. Where candidate will be judge for state-I for the selection i.e.
Personality Test: where day – I will be an picture writing, all the candidates will be shown one picture And they have to write an write up on that .
Advice: While writing an a visual, main motive of the board is to judge the aptitude of a candidate i.e. +ve or-ve in life. One should be dam positive while writing and thinking.
GT : In group task one should be have leadership quality to lead the group and to organize their energy and time so as to achieve the target in short and proper manner.
GD : In group discussion candidates are advise not to shout or to speak randomly whereas one should emerge as a leader to control all the member of the GD team and give instruction that they should speak one by one on the given matter/topic and may be if required put his turn in the last.
Interview: Your personality should match to officers that count’s your communication skill, instruction, taking logical decision and most important should be truth full.
If the candidate clear this SSB which usually run for 3 – 5 days. He will be sent for medical for physical fitness, which cannot be gain in 2 or  3 –days you must build it up from the day one you start preparing for NDA by running & other physical activities.
You must have stamina and you should not have any physical disability as some permanent alignment (like heart diseases Asthma etc.)
After clearing through all the three stages, candidate who option for Air force has to go through a special exam called PAT (Pilot Aptitude test)
And one can join the NDA where after 3 or 4 years of their graduation with regular physical & mental training they will be compassionated by predict of the public of India in the arm forces .
All the best to those going to join and bring national pride by joining Armed forces.

NDA 2012

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The candidates who are interested to join National Defense Academy may apply for the entrance exam conducted by union public service commission. Academy consists of three wings of joint training: army, navy and air force.

Getting into NDA is considered highly prestigious.  are conducted twice a year. At first a written test will be there which will be followed by interview rounds and also group tasks and medical. At present there are about 350 vacancies and every year number of candidates applying is increasing. This makes it more difficult for the candidates to clear the exam