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How to Deal With Questions in Mathematics Olympiad!

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When you are going to attend the Mathematics Olympiad, then bear in mind that these kinds of competitive exams almost all the time have only objective kind of questions. Sometimes you may feel it easier but at times the question setter may also make it very difficult. In case you feel it easy then it can be so in 2 ways:

  • One when you are able to cross check your computed answer as to whether it is contained in the options; and
  • Second; when you can at times make a guess work with regard to the answer either to narrow down the possibilities or even get the correct answer.

When you look at the question you will find several variations which you can easily eliminate the wrong answers and arrive at the correct answer. Try to question yourself with regard to the answer and this will ultimately lead you to the right answer.

Hence bear in mind that however tough the question may be, you do have a trick up your sleeve to solve them. Some questions may have to be solved using certain concepts, but the majority of the questions can be easily solved using all the tips and tricks that you may have learnt. Everything depends on your ability to identify the mode of solving and then applying them.  Also once you get the correct answer you need to put the answer to the question once again and check whether the solution arrived by you is correct. This way it becomes easy to solve a tough paper like Mathematics Olympiad also.

Maths Olympiad: Talent crosses the boundaries.

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When you undergo the study of various subjects at your school level, you must have one or other subject as your favorite subject. Some students prefer descriptive subjects while some go for subjects like mathematics. In case you belong to second category, than be happy as you can participate in an international competition known as Maths Olympiad. This competition is basically held to promote mathematics beyond boundaries. In this competition participants take part from different countries of the world. It is quite obvious that as the competition is of international level so it is accordingly tough also. It is divided in various levels as stages and the winners of lower level are promoted to next level. Maths Olympiad is such a competition which needs preplan and hard work. Preparation for the competition only does not help here; participant must have interest in mathematics as a subject also. Your knowledge at various levels of subject only can help you to have an edge on rivals. You need to work in a dedicated manner with perfect guidance which can help you to get promoted at various levels. To be successful at maths olympiad you need to focus on mathematics as a subject as well you need to develop your own logic and interest for mathematics. Taking it as a competition and winning such an international level competition is a matter of pride for all the participants and that is the primary reason for cut throat level of the competition. Winners of it obviously feel pride on such achievement.

Maths Olympiad: enticing and nurturing talents

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Not all are blessed with the intellectual talents. Fortunate are you who can even think of participating in the Maths Olympiad. Certainly not all participants will reach the final stage, but still daring to participate is in itself a great victory. One of the rare talent search programs Maths Olympiad is not a dream for common minds. Due to its global character the degree of difficulties are not mountable by everyone. So if you desire to participate in it, you need to prepare yourself accordingly. Enticing the mathematical talents from across the globe, it gives them platform to boost and nurture the talents. Comprising four stages of competition, it is one of the toughest of international competitions. In India, it has been undertaken by the National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM). It administers the activities and process of selection of Indian. The first stage of Mathematics Olympiad is known as Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) and all the students of standard 12th can participate in the RMO. To get selected in RMO, the candidates need to undergo the written test consisting of six to seven questions. This is the primary stage and once the candidate is selected in this, he is made to participate in National and then International Mathematics Olympiad. Indian candidates receiving gold, silver and bronze medal in the International Maths Olympiad are awarded Rs 5000, 4000 and 3000 respectively. But what is more significant is the prestige, dignity and accolades that a candidate earns through Maths Olympiad.

What are the Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus and dates for Maths Olympiad?

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Maths Olympiad is a term which in a way has and will mesmerize the parents as well as the students. It is actually structured by NBHM an acronym for National Board for Higher Mathematics and is presently operated in union with the Homi Bhabha Centre. NBHM then picks out and educates the Indian group for partaking in the International Mathematical Olympiad each year.

Eligibility  criteria

Students who are chosen on the footing of the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) from various areas are qualified to sit for the INMO. Students who are in the high school that is up to the 12th standard are entitled to sit for the RMO. The curriculum for the Maths Olympiad whether international, national or regional is mathematics up to the level of pre-degree. The competition runs for more than 2 days. The contestants will be handed over a set of 3 problems every day and they will be provided around four and half hours to solve the problems. The problems will be from geometry, combinatorics, number theory and algebra. Once the problems are submitted the leader and the deputy leader will  assess the participators’ problems in discussion with the contestants. Separately, every problem is assessed by the members of the Problem Committee based on the criterion developed by the commission and per problem maximum score is 7.

The important dates for the Maths Olympiad are- the INMO is conducted in the month of February every year and the RMO is conducted in every region generally between September as well as the first Sunday in the month of December every year.