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NCERT Exemplar Problems

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“The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.”

This shows problems are the root cause of success. But cramming the regular NCERT problems will just stand as contemporary learning. The more new, authentic questions you will have, the more new, authentic knowledge you will acquire.

Considering this fact, the Department of Education in Physics, Mathematics (DESM) with an aim to improve the quality of teaching and learning process in schools has made an attempt to develop resource books of Exemplar Problems in different subjects at secondary and higher-secondary stage. These specialized resource books named NCERT Exemplars are not meant to serve merely as question banks for examinations but are primarily meant to discourage rote learning.

Moreover NCERT Exemplar Problems show up many of the direct questions in NTSE examination. You can even have  a look at the table given below

STSE (November 2014) for 10th Class (Analysis) Mathematics

Q.No. Topic/Chapter Source/Pg.No/Q.No Class Marks Remarks
71 Area Related To Circles NCERT Exemplar/133/Ques.7 10th 1
72 Circles 10th 1
73 Similar Triangles NCERT/151/Ques.16 10th 1
74 Triangles 9th 1
75 Lines & Angles 9th 1
76 Heights & Distances NCERT Exemplar/96/Example-1 10th 1
77 Heights & Distances R.D.Sharma/8.34/Ques.62 10th 1
78 Heights & Distances 10th 1
79 Trigonometry ML Aggarwal/399/Ques.16(i) 10th 1
80 Probability 10th 1
81 Arithmetic Progression NCERT/113/Ques.4 10th 1 with Changed Values
82 Surface Areas & Volumes R.D.Sharma/18.29/Ques.4 9th 1
83 Area Related To Circles R.D.Sharma/13.2 10th 1 Concept Given
84 Quadratic Equations 10th 1
85 Quadratic Equations 10th 1
86 Quadratic Equations 10th 1
87 Quadratic Equations 10th 1
88 Linear Equations in two Variables 10th 1
89 Polynomials 9th 1
90 Factor Theorem R.D.Sharma/6.34/Ques.3 9th 1

This is a detailed analysis of STSE-2014 by our Faculty.
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CBSE (SA-1) 2014-15 Preparation

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Hope all the CBSE students are doing well in their first term (Summative Assessment-1) exams for the 2014-15 session.

All the 9th and 10th class students, if you are done with your SA-1 Syllabus and are finding out the boosting Revision Packs for Mathematics and Science exams, download and analyse your preparation on these booklets

For 9th :

For 10th :

You can also find the question papers from some recognised schools of Chandigarh  here

Good Luck for your remaining exams !

Scholarship Test for Student of Class 8th,9th,10th & 11th

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Pioneer Education is Conducting a Scholarship test for the students of classes 8th,9th,10th & 11th(For Medical & Non-Medical) on 10th Feb. A golden opportunity is waiting for you to win scholarship(worth Rs 1,10,000), Pen-drive & Smart study kit CD. For More info Visit Pioneer Education SCO 320 & 326 Sec 40D Chandigarh, Call on 9872201234

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Scholarship Test Result of Class 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th

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Dear Students,

You can download the scholarship test result from the following links.

Scholarship Test result of 11th for 12th class Non-medical
Scholarship Test result of 11th for 12th class Medical
Scholarship Test result of 10th for 11th class Non-medical
Scholarship Test result of 10th for 11th class Medical
Scholarship Test result of 9th for 10th class
Scholarship Test result of 8th for 9th class

Pioneer Education Conducting Scholarship test for students of class 8th,9th, 10th & 11th of Mathematics & Sciences.

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