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A Das Gupta IIT mathematics

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Discussion of IIT JEE A Das Gupta Solutions

One of the most comprehensive and best designed books for IIT-JEE mathematics preparation is A.Das.Gupta. One of the top choices of IIT toppers and importantly recommended by highly skilled IIT JEE mathematics experts. IIT JEE mathematics by A Das Gupta carries a high appreciation of not only the questions at the back exercise but even the solved examples and concepts. The concepts mentioned in this book are of grass root level which ought to make you a topic expert.

The gravity of the quality of this book can be judged from the fact that the author of this book A Das Gupta is one of the top mathematics professors of IITs and presently teaching in IIT Kanpur. The A Das Gupta exercise questions are not difficult to solve but have to solved differently i.e. smartly. The A Das Gupta solutions are not a piece of hot cake which can be solved by everyone. Solving A Das Gupta requires extra concentration, skills, smartness and different thinking.

This book has been written keeping in mind the mental skill required during the IIT preparation. IIT-JEE mathematics A Das Gupta solutions not only develops the skills but also overall enhances the thought process of the student and the teachers as well. The solutions of A Das Gupta mathematics is wanted by everyone but unfortunately not available anywhere.

Pioneer Mathematics through its expert mathematics team provides complete discussion of A Das Gupta solutions to the students and teachers. These solutions of A Das Gupta helps understand the concepts and logical thinking being involved for solving every questions. Students of classes 11th and 12th whose aim is IIT must utilize Pioneer Mathematics discussion of A Das Gupta solutions.

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Discussion A Das Gupta Maths Solution

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Calculus lovers choice Thomas Finney

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A great book for the people who have love and passion for Mathematics Calculus.  If IIT is your dream destination then don’t delay and start solving this book right from 10th class. Not even this book will help you in mathematics but even physics because physics is all extension of calculus.

Note: If you are a IIT-JEE aspirant then you must prepare I.E. Irodov and Resnik Halliday for physics section and you should know that these books cannot be solved without knowledge of calculus.

It is a book which guarantees you become Calculus champion. Test your calculus preparation for your IIT exam by solving this book. But make sure that 90% of its questions are not piece of hot cake that you can solve easily. Every question in the books tests your knowledge, increase your knowledge with new concept and nourishes your brain.

Questions are brain boggling in this book and to help and save your time Pioneer Mathematics provides you complete Thomas Finney solutions along with expert concept explanations and diagrams. Solved Thomas Finney can be accessed anytime whenever you require it. Pioneer’s Thomas Finney solutions are very important for clarity of concepts and doubts.

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Pioneer’s Thomas Finney Solution.

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IIT-JEE algebra preparation from Hall and Knight

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An excellent book for practicing high level quality questions of algebra. Students who have cleared their IIT exams have used Hall and Knigh book for practicing algebra.

Hall and Knight is a very good book, famous and in demand book by all the students and teachers. Most of the examination bodies use Hall and Knight for setting algebra papers. It contains such concepts that they are used further in the college life too. This book for the past many years has been hit among the students preparing for IIT and other engineering exams and also the coaching institute teachers.

But not everyone can solve this book easily except of expert mathematicians. Not every student can solve this book perfectly. So, Pioneer Mathematics is here with the much required and awaited Hall and Knight solution. The solutions are very high in demand not only by the students but also the teachers. All the Pioneer members can access the solutions anytime anywhere.

The Hall & Knight solution has been given properly and exercise wise including diagrams and concept explanation wherever required.

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Pioneer’s Hall & Knight solutions.

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NCERT must practice for IIT preparation

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NCERT book is a book which is must for every student who is preparing for IIT and other engineering exams. NCERT book is official recommendation of CBSE and is studied everywhere across Indian schools.

Many students neglect N.C.E.R.T. practice for competition preparation, considering it simple. But this is the biggest misconception of those students. Some of the concepts that are given in NCERT are not given in any other book. This book is written by the most experienced professors of our country.

Note : Solutions of NCERT mathematics are available in the markets as well as on some site but they are not accurate. These solutions have been copied from the guides and given to students free of cost. Solutions to some questions in NCERT math books is given wrong in the guides (keys) as well as by the website.

Pioneer Mathematics provides complete, accurate and proper 11th class NCERT solutions and 12th class NCERT solutions. These solutions are given properly along with diagrams, graphs and have been properly written by our expert professors.

So all you IIT-JEE aspirants, make sure you solve NCERT exercises and Pioneer Mathematics is here to solve all your queries with our proper guided N.C.E.R.T solutions.

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Pioneer’s NCERT Solution.

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