How to Deal With Questions in Mathematics Olympiad!

// July 10th, 2013 // Maths Olympiad (RMO, IMO, INMO)

When you are going to attend the Mathematics Olympiad, then bear in mind that these kinds of competitive exams almost all the time have only objective kind of questions. Sometimes you may feel it easier but at times the question setter may also make it very difficult. In case you feel it easy then it can be so in 2 ways:

  • One when you are able to cross check your computed answer as to whether it is contained in the options; and
  • Second; when you can at times make a guess work with regard to the answer either to narrow down the possibilities or even get the correct answer.

When you look at the question you will find several variations which you can easily eliminate the wrong answers and arrive at the correct answer. Try to question yourself with regard to the answer and this will ultimately lead you to the right answer.

Hence bear in mind that however tough the question may be, you do have a trick up your sleeve to solve them. Some questions may have to be solved using certain concepts, but the majority of the questions can be easily solved using all the tips and tricks that you may have learnt. Everything depends on your ability to identify the mode of solving and then applying them.  Also once you get the correct answer you need to put the answer to the question once again and check whether the solution arrived by you is correct. This way it becomes easy to solve a tough paper like Mathematics Olympiad also.

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