What are the Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus and dates for Maths Olympiad?

// April 10th, 2013 // Maths Olympiad (RMO, IMO, INMO)

Maths Olympiad is a term which in a way has and will mesmerize the parents as well as the students. It is actually structured by NBHM an acronym for National Board for Higher Mathematics and is presently operated in union with the Homi Bhabha Centre. NBHM then picks out and educates the Indian group for partaking in the International Mathematical Olympiad each year.

Eligibility  criteria

Students who are chosen on the footing of the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) from various areas are qualified to sit for the INMO. Students who are in the high school that is up to the 12th standard are entitled to sit for the RMO. The curriculum for the Maths Olympiad whether international, national or regional is mathematics up to the level of pre-degree. The competition runs for more than 2 days. The contestants will be handed over a set of 3 problems every day and they will be provided around four and half hours to solve the problems. The problems will be from geometry, combinatorics, number theory and algebra. Once the problems are submitted the leader and the deputy leader will¬† assess the participators’ problems in discussion with the contestants. Separately, every problem is assessed by the members of the Problem Committee based on the criterion developed by the commission and per problem maximum score is 7.

The important dates for the Maths Olympiad are- the INMO is conducted in the month of February every year and the RMO is conducted in every region generally between September as well as the first Sunday in the month of December every year.

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