NDA: Shaping your elegance

// April 8th, 2013 // NDA

Have you ever been fascinated by the prestigious uniform of the Armed Forces, Navy or Air Force? Seeing the robust physique enveloped in elegant uniform you might have felt attracted towards building a career in the armed forces and thereby serve your nation. Not all are fit to be in the service of armed forces. One not only needs to have the formidable physique but also needs to have the mental sanity and spiritual wellness. Before you enter into the tough and respectable service of armed force you need to undergo rigorous physical and psychological training at National Defence Academy briefly known as NDA.

What should you do if you wish to undergo training at National Defence Academy? Are you eligible to enter into the academy? If you wish to join the service of Indian Armed Forces, Navy or Air force and serve as a junior leader you need to undergo training at the academy and to prove your eligibility you need to take the NDA Exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission of India. Written exam is followed by extensive interview covering general aptitude, psychological testing, and team skills as well as physical and social skills along with the medical examination.

So if you are interested in the serving in the Indian Armed Forces, Navy or Indian Air Force, you need to pass the NDA examination both written and interview test. You can plod through the eligibility criteria and syllabus and question papers of previous years to prepare for the NDA Exam and meet sure success.

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