NTSE: High time for you

// March 29th, 2013 // NTSE

Talent is the priceless gift from Almighty. There is none in the world who has not been blessed with at least one talent. But there are few who are so unfortunate that they either fail to recognize their talents or fail to get sufficient opportunities to sharpen them. National Talent Search Examination briefly known as NTSE provides opportunity to identify and further nurture the talents. Being one of the two staged toughest examinations you need to burn your blood to get through it.  Competitions are always tough, and tougher the competition, the greater the reward will be. So if you are a candidate aspiring to undergo the NTSE, it is high time for you.

Earlier the National Talent Search Examination was conducted for the students of standard 8th. Unlike the previous years now from 2013 onwards the examination will be conducted for the students of standard 10th. The first stage of examination is conducted at the state or union territory level and the second stage is conducted at the national level. But mind you that the examinations at both the levels are equally difficult. Many of the students live under the misconception that the state level examination is comparatively less difficult than the national level examination.

Unless you get through the state level examination there is no question of appearing the National level examination and mistake not to take the state level examination lightly. The selection ratio being very low, you need to score well and keep your name in the top order of the merit list else NTSE will be less meaningful for you.

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