How to Use Vedic Maths to Successful In Exams

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Vedic Maths (What is Vedic Maths)
Why Vedic maths.
How to learn Maths.
Advantages of Vedic maths.

What is Vedic Mathematics :

The Vedic maths means, the way of doing mathematics in smarts and shorter way. Vedic comes from Vedas, In India The oldest and most knowledge scripture in the form of literature is available and that are known as Vedas which consists of practical lessons of life and high value teachings.

Since from the ancient times Indians are well/god enough in maths and give numerous inventions and contribution to world mathematics.

In today’s education system, in India students not allowed to use calculators till 12th class (senior secondary schooling) But their syllabus which is mostly derive and having patterns of Europe and American education system where student can use calculators, graphers etc electronic machines after
5th – standard.

No doubts foreign students are average has poor solving skills as compared to Indian students. But Indians students have to face
Tough challenge while solving complex calculation specially In

9th & 10th class In physics numerical like  etc.

11th & 12th class In mathematics, physics, chemistry or Accounts.

These lengthy and complex calculation take too much time and create tremendous pressure during examination with the fear of error.

In these kind of requirements & situation Vedic rations (shorter maths) is very helpful.

By these tricks a student can save this precious time and reduce pressure during exams.

For examples :
(1) Finding squares of numbers. with ends with 5

1.(A)  (always in end put 25 and multiply the digit (2) with its next digit (3) i. e. 6, place in front of 25)

(always in end put 25 and multiply the digit (3) with its next digit (4) i.e. 12, place in front of 25)
25 (always in end put 25 and multiply the digit (5) with its next digit (6) i.e. 30, place in front of 25).

Video of  Vedic Mathematics squaring

(b) with ends with any digit.

1. (23)2 = 529   (by using the formula (a+b)2= a2+2ab+b2)
Where a=2, b=3
(32)2 = 1024(by using the formula (a+b)2= a2+2ab+b2)
a=3, b=2
now b2=4, 2ab=2 (with 1 carry) a2= 9 (and plus carry 1)=10
Thus (32)2=1024

Video of squaring

(2) Finding square root of Any numbers.

» 3.875

These above are the few examples and lots of more examples can be see an The list of basic and main chapters of speedy calculation (i.e. mathematics) are

1.Multiplication                7. Equation Solving
2. Division                          8. H.C.F.
3. Squaring                         9. Percentage
4. Cubing                             10. Divisibility
5. Square root                    11. Subtraction
6. Cube root                       12. Difference of Squares

By proper understanding the concepts, tricks and seeing illustration of these chapters in form of Brain programming one can “Beat calculator” for which you have to practice and just polish your application skills of vedic maths an normal and complex.

Calculation :
1.        Theory
2.        Illustrations.
3.        Exercises.
4.        Test.
5.        Vedics

Vedic Maths

The speedy calculation skills are not only helpful in schools, But these skills are useful throughout the life even during jobs or business.

Te company like IBN, Intel etc has made Mandatory for their technical staff to be well used in vedic Maths and its compulsory for the candidate to have vedic maths skill to apply for jobs in these companies.

The exams which are based on maths like
1. NDA, CDS.
3. Bank PO.
6. NTSE.
7. SAT, GMAT etc can be cracked easily by the help of Vedic maths.

There is only one golden rule to be perfect in your mathematics calculations; by during Vedic maths is “Right practice and enough quality material on initial learning stage”.

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