How to Clear NTSE Exam 2012

// October 26th, 2012 // Competition, NTSE

The NTSE scholarship is worth Rs. 5000-7000 per month upto graduation and Rs. 15000-18000 per month in post graduation. Each state and U.T has its own Quota as reserves seats for them by NCERT.

MAT (Mental ability Test)
The most important paper of NTSE is divided into points.
1. Verbal reasoning.
2. Non-verbal reasoning.

To prepare for verbal reasoning:
one must leave good enough vocabulary and have an aptitude to decode the odd one out, to related the relative words, one must have on basic common sense to recognize the relation between the given series to choose right answer out of given options.

Basically it is the test to judge student’s IQ. But right preparation of MAT can enhance student’s thought process and empower him/her to answer with more accuracy and speed. The good books like Brar publications, TMH or RS Aggarwal on MAT are enough for students of 10th class to prepare flow, most of the student’s don’t have quiet reference or guidance at their home so its better to have one-online Partner or support for NTSE like  Pioneer Mathematics have.

To prepare for Non-verbal reasoning:
This portion of MAT consists of picture recognitions and strong observations, student’s has to observe the given pattern and to find the movement as transition in the give pattern of 4 to 5 figures and has to answer the expected more or pattern out of given 5-options, these all problems are an objective pattern only.

Syllabus : No-specific  syllabus but still . 9th and 10th class of math’s, science, social science is good enough.
Books : Like TMH or Arihant for building objectives temperament.

NTSE (stage-II)
Once you clear STSE an state level, you are eligible to appear in state-II at national level called NTSE.
In this exam, again there is 2-papers.
Paper – I : MAT     (100 questions and90 mins)
Paper – I : SAT       (100 questions and 90 mins)

As state-I i.e. STSE is conducted an 2-3rd Sunday of November (This year in 2012 it is an 18/11/2012) and result will be out in December or January and stage-II i.e. NTSE will be conducted on 2rd – 3rd Sunday of may when a student is in 11th class and the syllabus for this exam is same as that of stage-I (STSE).
As it is a competition exams so it is the advice of toppers to prepare a little of advance classes also of +1 as mentioned above.

In stage you students will have to answers 90-questions in 90 minutes and if he/ she has space time they can attend the extra 10-questions also which are without negative marking.

It is better to practice few previous year papers of MAT (But not of SAT as it was of 8th class ) And for SAT practice some latest sample papers to have an experience of the type & contact’s of the problems so asked i.e. Pre-test before Preparation only them student should start preparation student’s should give or take their self chapter test unit test and subject test under times only so as to check & enhance their response time or speed.

The verbal and non-verbal reasoning has vast topics under them, and most of the time student’s are preparing non-essential topics which are for MBA exams only and this practice is mostly done in unprofessional coaching s. You should be very careful regarding the topics of MAT.

Numbers for SAT :
(1) 40 % Social Science.
(2) 40% General Sciences.
(3) 20% Mathematics.

For SAT the books of 8th, 9th and 10th class must be prepared & revised thoroughly and a little knowledge in brief of it is also required in some topics like trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, Physics: motion, projectile, chemistry also.

Time Deviation : It depends students to students.
(2 hr per day is sufficient, but they should be effective at all).
Period/deviation : 6-7 mouth preparation with consistent study and quality testing should be there
Good study material (Selective only)
Right practice (not only just practice)
Proper testing (not without timer)
Full confidence (as it is a competitive exam)

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