Exclusive Mathematics Olympiad coaching for RMO, INMO and IMO

// August 27th, 2012 // Maths Olympiad (RMO, IMO, INMO)

The Olympiad paper of mathematics is the highest recognized exam in not only in India but even in the world. Students first compete on regional level, then on National level and then on international level. The difficulty level of every paper is extremely high and one has to be a mathematics pioneer in order to clear mathematics Olympiad.

Pioneer starts its coaching for Olympiad right from 9th class onwards. 9th and 10th class students get exclusive Olympiad Foundation Course which helps them strengthen the basic roots for Olympiad.

Pioneer Mathematics Olympiad training can only be judged from the fact that students will be getting 52 countries international solved papers.

Students will get coaching for Olympiad on 3 levels namely:

  1. RMO : Regional Mathematics Olympiad.
  2. INMO : Indian National Mathematics Olympiad.
  3. IMO : International Mathematics Olympiad.

How to get preparation material for Olympiad

Expert training for Olympiads which includes latest designed sample tests papers of RMO, INMO and IMO.

Objective Practice which have questions which will exhaust your brain’s thinking power and then its smart solution will act as generator for it. The practice contains marvelous questions or Pioneer Questions, which not even expert teacher can solve it easily.

The study material will give you the in-depth knowledge of the chapter as well as concepts. The online testing will be conducted on 3 level which are RMO, INMO and IMO. Join the Pioneer Mathematics Olympiad course to be a Pioneer of Mathematics Olympiad.
Pioneer’s Olympiad course details.

Good Luck,
Team Pioneer.
Coaching in becoming Mathematics Champion.


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