Marine Navigator

// July 10th, 2012 // Educational News, Pioneer's Exclusive

Marine Navigator

Smooth sailing
the merchant navy is made up of civilians who transport cargo is well as passengers in non-combatant, commercial ships. It has two main divisions: navigation and engineering. Navigation offi­cers look after the safe movement of a ship, loading and offloading of cargo, radio communication, as well as crew and passen­gers. They report to the master, also known as the captain. The hierarchy is as follows:

  •  Master, or captain and second officer or second mate
  •  Chief officer or chief mate
  •  Third officer or third mate
    ‘On shore marine officers can work in shipping companies, sea ports, marine logistics companies, container terminals, marine insurance and chartering companies,” says Rajesh Kumar Sharma, head, department of engineering, International maritime Institute, Greater Noida

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