FA III & FA IV Framework

// October 13th, 2011 // Class IX, VI CLASS, VII CLASS, VIII CLASS, X class

Formative Assessment III 10% in October-November

Formative Assessment IV 10% in January- February

FA III +FA IV = 20%

Summative1 40% March SA2 = 40%

Total Formative Assessments = FA1 + FA2 + FA3 + FA4= 40%

Smmative Assessments = SA1 + SA 2= 60%

The following points have to be noted by teachers and students (For Classes IX & X).

• There are two formative assessments each in the first and second term.

• Each Formative Assessment is again divided into smaller assessments (class

assignments, quiz, projects, written tests) which can carry different marks.

• Each formative assessment has a weightage of 10% which can be arrived at by

taking an average of all tasks or the best three or four.

• The total weightage of all the four formative assessments is 40%.

• The time-frame, split up of syllabus as per the four formative assessments,

and the minimum number of suggested tasks for each formative assessment have been given in the annual planner for each subject.

The annual planner is only suggestive and schools can adapt it as per their needs

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