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// October 5th, 2011 // Franchise Model

We are a professional organization in the field of Mathematics education services headed by Mr. L.K. Gupta a well known name of mathematics in this part of the country from last fifteen years through his Pioneer Education institutions based in Chandigarh. We are imparting online education through our packages in India and abroad successfully in schools affiliated with C.B.S.E, I.C.S.E and State Boards.

Our Content: State of the art online mathematics packages (Alpha, Beta & Gamma) for students of class 6th to 12th covering CBSE, ICSE State Education Board syllabus and the services provided there-in are so designed that removes the math’s phobia from the young minds right from class 6th & enables them to learn easily and effectively. The motto of our R&D is that if children can’t learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn. The respective higher packages i.e. beta & gamma directed towards students of +2, +1 , 10th & 9th are inclusive of foundation & preparation programs for students aspiring for competitions like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT, Olympiads etc. We call it a mathematics revolution exceeding students & teacher’s expectation in terms of teaching methodology and quality as the package content is precise, appropriate and highly effective. Judging it’s practical, economical and result oriented aspect, ministry of human resource and development, government of India has made our packages compulsory in its 63 schools of Kendriya Vidayala Sangathan (KVS) Chandigarh region as a pilot project. Our highlights Online testing & Objective practice provide students the exact stimulated environment and content enabling them to make a smooth transition from pen & paper culture to online education culture which is the need of the Hour. Services include in the package like Vedic mathematics
makes students do speedy calculation & our ask expert facility an unique service for any insyllabus or reference book doubts just a click away. Smart solutions on a click providing a different and time smart solution for which they are trained through different preparation programs in one year duration packages.

Research & Development: These packages are result of a dedicated research & development team with a mission of strengthening the foundation of 6th, 7th & 8th and equip the students of 9th , 10th , +1 & +2 to crack competitions like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT, Olympiads, etc.. through effective utilization of cutting edge technology of internet. We see two kinds of students in the near future, those who just learn math’s and those who learn on Simply because what they need most for their mathematics learning is what they get most from our online packages. We have launched our Franchisee appointment plan in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, J&K, Uttaranchal and NCR from Sep 2011 and have appointed Franchisee’s at Patiala & are in the process of finalizing at Bathinda, Shimla, Sunder Nagar, Solan, Amritsar & Jammu. The objective of this plan is to benefit the students and the teachers of India by creating awareness about this unique, innovative methodology of Mathematics learning through cutting
edge technology of internet and the Franchisee has an important role in it. We understand that the packages designed by us should be used in every corner of our country, hence transformed our state of the art research & development expertise into a highly
profitable business opportunity for our Franchisee line. We have a definite roadmap to transfer the plan and methodology along with execution efficiency to our Franchisee points. We have a practical application action plan for our Franchisee line, evolution period will be very short as our business expansion plan will be implemented from the beginning itself. We have a good number of students worldwide who are in the category of “satisfied customers” hence we have a definite plan to create our Franchisee line overseas also in the near future.

Franchisee the person/entrepreneur should possess the basic aptitude for selling and smart enough to understand the education business process. It can be a new setup or an addition to a present setup. The person / entrepreneur should be ambitious to implement our well established marketing norms and plans which plays an important role in any business development. Franchisee gets the total support of our marketing team to implement day to day sales plans developed for the area. We have the vision
and a definite plan to grow and looking forward to appoint a person / entrepreneur who share our vision and willing to grow with us.

After becoming our Franchisee, your name, contact details and address will be flashed on the website under payment options; you have to collect payments of the business generated in your given area through company’s marketing efforts i.e. (Sales Executive provided by us and on our pay roll) We are basically targeting the customer through a three dimensional marketing strategy i.e. Institutional selling, network marketing selling and Pioneer MathFaith 100% Student Junction’s at some prestigious schools in a particular area/city Our direct online users for which we are making every possible efforts to be visible on the targeted spots on the websites i.e. google, yahoo, etc.. for total online promotion of the packages. Website visitors who deposit their fee in-person to our franchisee directly are eligible for an attractive free gift at the spot. The fundamental factors in the success of a Franchisee/ entrepreneur are that you match yourself closely with the line of business as mentioned below:-
1. What type of business would it be?
It is a business without the burden of storage, carriage, credit and involves minuscule paper work for day to day functioning. A Franchisee is using his public relations at no cost.
2. What are the risk factors?
Financial inputs are the minimum and the margins are much higher as compared to any other business opportunity in the market. Our intentions are to work with entrepreneurs who understand and share the vision and growth plan of the company as our inputs and stakes are much higher and we believe in leading by example and expecting the Franchisee to follow. Bottom line is that Franchisee is investing only Rs. 50,000/- against which he is getting material and marketing commitment worth more than this amount.
3. How to proceed with the job duties.
Our sales roadmap for first three months enables our Franchisee to fully understand his/her job duties within no time. Our marketing division explains this strategy after finalization of the Franchisee-ship.
4. Do you understand the design, operation and marketing plan of the business? Imaginative mind is a pre requisite for our Franchisee-ship and he/she should be excited about the concept. We have observed that it’s not necessarily an academically strong
person who acquires the qualities of an initiator. We at marketing division make sure that our Franchisee understands our design, operation and marketing plan within minimum possible time.
We at have designed our marketing strategy in such a manner that it gives a clear picture regarding these fundamentals to our Franchisee and that’s the starting point from where we take step 1 to finalize the deal. Space requirements: 200 sq. feet (One hundred and fifty square feet) minimum.

Total Financial Investment:- Rs. 3 Lakh (approximately)
Franhcisee Fee’s: Rs. 1 Lakh(non-refundable), Security: Rs. 1 Lakh (refundable)
Equipements : 4 PC + 1 Laptop along with a printer with internet connectivity, Furniture required at the franchisee point, Approximate Cost: (Rs. 1 Lakh),
Environment Plan: Specified colours i.e. green and blue to be used at the Franchisee point.
Maximum Cost (Rs. 3000)
As amount of Rs. 1.5 lakh is refundable and equipments are the property of the Franchisee hence the actual total investment towards franchisor is only Rs. 50,000.

What do we provide?
1. A teacher councilor trained by us (on the pay roll of the company) for day to day functioning at the Franchisee point. The councilor teacher will be trained to harness the targeted customers and the buyer enquiry’s generated by the sales executive and at Franchisee point.
2. A Sales executive for generation of sales, trained by us (on the pay roll of the company). He will create localized effective advertising materials to produce definite leads. He will indulge in event management activities targeted towards Students and teachers with the active support and participation of the local Franchisee. Franchisee will also be a part of Networking Marketing and MathFaith Plan.
3. A Franchisee based Sales promoter will be made operational after three months in financial arrangements with Franchisee after mutual understanding.
4. Front office vinyl board carrying company and Franchisee name.
5. Effective display Syllabus (Acrylic) for Franchisee point.
6. Basic sales promotion material (bags, hangings, booklets, pamphlets, inserts, etc.) and a long term merchandising plan as per company’s long term strategy.
7. Commission: A Franchisee is eligible for very attractive commission against the total revenue generated in his/her allotted area.
8. Incentive plan on mutually agreed and finalized monthly and quarterly target achievement.
9. Bill books with codes for fee collection.
10. For seminars, company will give training and logistics or manpower (if required).
11. You will get data for follow-ups whatsoever come from their area through search engines or company sources.

To know the product and product pricing, kindly download the full information in the form of PDF from the following link

Franchise Model PDF download

Online enquiry form for franchisee

Best Regards
Marketing Head
Pramod Ranjan
+919646024096, +919872201234
Head Office SCO-317(TF), 0172-4627721
Branch Office SCO-320 (TF), 0172-4674721
Sector-40D, Chandigarh-Union Territory


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