Business model for schools (Pioneer Math-faith 100% junction at your school)

// October 5th, 2011 // Association plan for schools

100% student math-faith junction at your school

We are a professional organization in the field of Mathematics education services headed by Mr. L.K. Gupta a well known name of mathematics in this part of the country from last fifteen years through his Pioneer Education institutions based in Chandigarh. We are imparting online education through our packages in India and abroad successfully in schools affiliated with C.B.S.E and I.C.S.E and now under our diversification plan of school empowerment in India, we hereby propose student junctions in some reputed schools of India.
Our Content: State of the art online mathematics packages (Alpha, Beta & Gamma) for students of class 6th to 12th covering CBSE, ICSE State Education Board syllabus and the services provided there-in are so designed that removes the math’s phobia from the young minds right from class 6th & enables them to learn easily and effectively. The motto of our R&D is that if children can’t learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn. The respective higher packages i.e. beta & gamma directed towards students of +2, +1 , 10th & 9th are inclusive of foundation & preparation programs for students aspiring for competitions like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT, Olympiads etc. We call it a mathematics revolution exceeding student’s & teachers expectation in terms of teaching methodology and quality as the package content is precise, appropriate and highly effective. Judging it’s practical, economical and result oriented aspect, ministry of human resource and development, government of India has made our packages compulsory in its 63 schools of Kendriya Vidayala Sangathan (KVS) Chandigarh region as a pilot project. Our highlights Online testing & Objective practice provide students the exact stimulated environment and content enabling them to make a smooth transition from pen & paper culture to online education culture which is the need of the Hour. Services include in the package like Vedic mathematics makes students do speedy calculation & our ask expert facility an unique service for any in-syllabus or reference book doubts just a click away. Smart solutions on a click providing a different and time smart solution for which they are trained through different preparation programs .
Research & Development: These packages are result of a dedicated research & development team with a mission of strengthening the foundation of 6th, 7th & 8th and equip the students of 9th , 10th , +1 & +2 to crack competitions like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT, Olympiads, etc.. through effective utilization of cutting edge technology of internet. We at understand the goals of schools with a vision and have opened the door to success, now you as a prestigious organisation have to enter yourself, to get the targeted results of your school in mathematics.
We Offer: Pioneer math faith 100% student junction at your school for full one academic year having minimum financial burden on parents, where registered students will be provided online learning, online practice, online testing & online solutions, for students without computer & internet connectivity. Registered students with computers & internet connectivity are also welcome at student junction for doubt clearance and mathematical guidance from a teacher councilor/councilors provided by us.
Modus operandi/functioning: Every registered student will get an username & password for anytime access at Pioneer math-faith student junction. SWC (Student without Computer) category will access it at our Mathfaith Student Junction in batches duly planned by our teacher councilor/councilors . Student’s having their personal computers will visit for required help and guidance as per schedule from time to time.
Our Vision: We see two kinds of students in the near future, those who just learn math’s and those who learn on Simply because what they need most for their mathematics learning is what they get most from our online packages.
“The foundation of every school is the education of its students and their future depends upon what we plan for them in the present.” So if you are ready to do it, we can help it just provide us the  information given in the PDF below enabling us to get back to you with financial details along with relevant terms and conditions. In the mean time please feel free to ask any clarification, query regarding the issue in question.

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