Syllabus of SA-II CBSE 8th Class

// October 3rd, 2011 // VIII CLASS

Syllabus of 8th CBSE SA-II is given as:

1.Algebraic expressions and identities-What are expressions, Terms, Factors and coefficients, Monomials, Binomials and polynomials, Like and unlike terms, Addition and subtraction of algebraic expressions, Multiplication of algebraic expressions: introduction, Multiplying a monomial by a monomial, Multiplying a monomial by a polynomial, Multiplying a polynomial by a polynomial, what is an identity, Standard identities, Applying identities,

2.Visualizing solid figures-Introduction, Views of 3D-shapes, Mapping space around us, faces, edges and vertices.

3.Mensuration-Introduction, Area of Trapezium, Area of Polygon, Solid shapes, Surface area of cube, cuboid and cylinder, Volume of cube, cuboid and cylinder, Volume and capacity.

4.Exponents and powers-Introduction, Powers with negative exponents, Laws of exponents, Use of exponents to express small numbers in standard form.

5.Direct and inverse proportions-Introduction, Direct proportion, Inverse proportion.

6.Factorization-Introduction, Division of algebraic expressions, Division of Algebraic expressions continued (Polynomial + polynomial), Find error.

7.Introduction to graphs-Introduction, Linear graphs, Some applications.

8.Playing with numbers-Introduction, Numbers in general form, Games with numbers, Letters for digits, Tests of divisibility.

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