Syllabus of SA-II CBSE 6th Class

// September 30th, 2011 // VI CLASS

Syllabus of 6th CBSE SA-II is given as:

1. Understanding Elementary Shapes-Introduction, Measuring lines segments, Angles-‘Right’ and ‘Straight’, Angles-‘Acute’, ‘Obtuse’ and ‘Reflex’, Measuring Angles, Perpendicular lines, Classification of triangles, Quadrilateral, Polygons, 3D.

2.Integers-Introduction, Integers, Addition of integers, Subtraction of integers with help of a number line.

3.Fractions-Introduction, A fraction, Fraction on the Number line, Proper Fractions, Improper and mixed fractions, Equivalent fractions, Simplest form of a fraction, Like fractions, Comparing fractions, Addition and subtraction of fractions.

4.Data Handling-Introduction, Recording data, Organization of data, Pictograph, Interpretation of a Pictograph, Drawing a Pictograph, A bar Graph.

5.Algebra- Introduction, Matchstick patterns, The idea of a variable, More Matchstick patterns, More examples of variables, Use of variables in common rules, Expressions with variables, Using expressions practically, what is an equations, Solution of an equation.

6.Ration and Proportion-Introduction, Ratio, Proportion, Unitary method.

7.Practical Geometry- Introduction, The circle, A line segment, Perpendiculars, Angles.

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