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// May 15th, 2011 // Vedic Maths (Math Tricks)

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Some samples are given as follow:

Multiplication with digits containing 9’s.

The multiplicand has to be reduced by 1 to obtain L.H.S. of the answer and R.H.S. is mechanically obtained by the subtraction of L.H.S. from the multiplier.

Multiplication where first figure is same & sum of last digits is 10.
Both numbers here start with 4 and the last figures (2 and 8) add up to 10. Just multiply 4 by 5 (4+1 i.e. next digit to 4 in this case) to get 20 for the first part of the answer. And we multiply the last figures: 2 x 8 = 16 to get the last part of the answer.

Squaring of number:

97 is 3 away from 100.
So subtract 3 from 97, get 94 (first part of answer).
and by squaring same 3, get 09 (last part of the answer).

To find square of number with 5 as last digit.

Last 2 digits will always be 25 (Last part of the answer) in this case.
Just multiply 9 by 10 (9+1 i.e. next digit to 9 in this case) to get 90 (First part of answer)

To find cube root.

Counting from last we put comma after 9.

By seeing the last digit we ascertain that last
digit of cube root will be 1.

Now we see 9 and ascertain that 23 = 8 is
less than 9 and 33=27 is more.

Our first digit thus comes to 2, and the answer
is 21.


To find square root.


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