Do you have knowledge, intelligence and common sense? Test yourself, beat the Monster and get rewarded.

// July 15th, 2010 // Mathematics Monster

Intelligence is not everything that you require to become successful. Knowledge and common sense are the add-ons that are important for transforming your personality.

If you have the above three things then accept the challenge, beat the monster and win the maximum. Mathematics Monster a Pioneer unique section which contains mind boggling questions. These are general questions divided into 10 levels. Each level has been allotted 2 or more minutes. These levels cannot be solved anytime within a month.

Just beat the Mathematics Monster and you can win Rs.21000/- gift hamper including cash prize.

Hai dum, then click on the image below and join to face the monster..

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Challenge the Monster

Good Luck,
Team Pioneer.
Training in becoming Mathematics Champion.

One Response to “Do you have knowledge, intelligence and common sense? Test yourself, beat the Monster and get rewarded.”

  1. Henashi says:

    you will cherish this mmonet throughout the life believing in you that if you can tackle this phase in life you can do anything. also dont be depressed about marks. ankur bhaiya said he didnot wanted a single marks added to his total as then he would have got mechanical which was not at all subject for him (this does not mean mechanical is bad, it depends on individual).well he is getting 10.0 at iitd and he is the most passionate dedicated and happy person. so you realize that these marks have no importance other than you are in good college or the study matter i have realized that there are great things beyond jee syllabus also. watched video of polarisation, newton rings on youtube, googled euler’s formula, tangent galvanometer, eigen values and functions, truth tables etc found a fabulous book on organic in google books and pretty much enjoyed. so basically this is the time when there is no liability on study and you can actually study what you like.

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