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// July 12th, 2010 // CBSE, Class IX

9th class is the one in which most of the students realize what exactly is their goal in life. The explanation to this theory lies on the fact of the advice given by the exam toppers. Those students started preparing for the competition and their goal right from the ninth class since in ninth class students get a bit mature to understand the gravity of preparation of exam.

So, for such ambitious students who want to prepare for their future competitions Pioneer Mathematics is here with the right guidance and best quality study material.

IIT Foundation Course and Olympiad Foundation Course. These 2 courses help prepare the students for the competitions exams which everyone has to give.

IIT Foundation Course in most useful specially for IIT and engineering aspirants and even for Commerce and Medical students. Mathematics is base of every subject and physics is all mathematics. In Commerce, mathematics is used everywhere like accounts, economics etc. This course will lay a very strong foundation for Mathematics Competition exam which will be given by everyone eg. IIT-JEE, AIEEE, CAT, CLAT, GRE, TOEFL etc.

The Olympiad Foundation course will provide exposure to students at international level. In this course proper and right guidance for 9th class maths olympiad students. Also it will raise the mathematics standard of every child. Olympiad Foundation Program will lay the strong base for olympiad preparation for the students who will be trained on regional, national and international level.

With the introduction of CBSE CCE pattern, Pioneer Mathematics has come to the rescue of lakhs of students and teachers as well for providing them right guidance. Latest CBSE CCE pattern papers, model papers, sample papers, latest online tests, mock tests etc. are provided to all our members.

Students will also get NCERT solutions, RD Sharma solutions, RS Aggarwal solutions, ML Aggarwal Solutions, smart mathematics, vedic mathematics which included mathematics tricks and techniques making sure to make them human calculator.

Click on the link below to know 9th class Pioneer Mathematics package details :

Pioneer’s 9th class study material.

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18 Responses to “9th CBSE students exclusive material”

  1. akhil says:

    i want some solved books for preparation of iit

  2. gandhi says:

    I need 9th class CBSE, iit foundation course. Please send details about IIT foundation course for 9th class student.

  3. admin says:

    Pioneermathematics.com provides an exclusive IIT foundation course for class 9 and also Olympiad foundation course for class 9. Click here to know complete package details of 9th CBSE.

  4. ashish sharma says:

    i m a student of ix class and want to prepare for iit foundation from now for which i require a good material for study could u pls help me in this matter

  5. ashish sharma says:

    sir send me the details of ix iit and the cost of the course u provide for the same

  6. aayushi says:

    i m a student of ix class and want to prepare for iit foundation from now for which i require a good material for study could u pls help me in this matter. and say me the price also plz …. and say me about medical cource also ..

  7. aayushi says:

    i also need aome solved book which i can understand for iit and medical … say me the price please

  8. himanshoe says:

    dear sir, my daughter is studying in IXth class (ICSE). Can you arrange the solved book (key) of maths

  9. admin says:

    Dear himanshoe, we are providing discussion of RS aggarawal in 9th ICSE. For more detailes, kindly click here.

  10. admin says:

    Dear aayushi, we provide full package for 9th cbse which also includes IIT foundation and Olympiad foundation. For more details kindly click here.

  11. jaspreet says:

    How can i subscribe for OLYMPIAD package????? How much its cost is?????

  12. admin says:

    Dear Jaspreet, kindly visit http://www.pioneermathematics.com for subscribing maths olympiad package, which include RMO, INMO, IMO level training. The cost for Maths Olympiad RMO package is Rs. 2400, RMO+INMO is 4000, and of RMO+INMO+IMO is Rs. 6500
    For more details of maths olympiad package Kindly click here.

  13. chaitanya says:

    i want to know about iit coaching classes for 9th class in nizamabad

  14. admin says:

    We are providing online IIT-JEE & Olympiad foundation course to 9th class. For online course you don’t need to go in any coaching institute. You just have to purchase online package for 9th class. Then you will study and practice online on your desktop.
    For courses details, kindly click at the following links
    9th CBSE
    9th ICSE

    For more details, you can also call on +919872201234.

  15. ganatma says:

    sir i need 9th class CBSE iit foundation course
    please can you give me the information sir.

  16. admin says:

    Dear Ganatma, for 9th CBSE IIT-JEE foundation course you have to register for 9th CBSE gamma package on http://www.pioneermathematics.com at the following link

    9th CBSE IIT-JEE Foundation

    For any query, you can call on our helpline number +919872201234.

  17. kritesh says:

    i want some solved boks for iit that i understand because iit is my dream and i want to come in iit

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