IIT-JEE algebra preparation from Hall and Knight

// July 11th, 2010 // Hall & Knight

An excellent book for practicing high level quality questions of algebra. Students who have cleared their IIT exams have used Hall and Knigh book for practicing algebra.

Hall and Knight is a very good book, famous and in demand book by all the students and teachers. Most of the examination bodies use Hall and Knight for setting algebra papers. It contains such concepts that they are used further in the college life too. This book for the past many years has been hit among the students preparing for IIT and other engineering exams and also the coaching institute teachers.

But not everyone can solve this book easily except of expert mathematicians. Not every student can solve this book perfectly. So, Pioneer Mathematics is here with the much required and awaited Hall and Knight solution. The solutions are very high in demand not only by the students but also the teachers. All the Pioneer members can access the solutions anytime anywhere.

The Hall & Knight solution has been given properly and exercise wise including diagrams and concept explanation wherever required.

Click on the link below to get complete solved Hall and Knight solutions.

Pioneer’s Hall & Knight solutions.

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